VENDETTA VETTE 

                    Mission One  2023        ​​



                                               (c) VENDETTA VETTE all rights reserved TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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By using this internet site for TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION or any associated websites for said company, you agree and are to abide by said TERMS AND CONDITIONS which may be amended at any time by said 

company. Any contractual agreements with actresses and actors are contingent that any TDS project is fully financed when signed by any Preliminary Deal memo Agreement. When applicable a lower upfront salary fee is arranged with a bonus First Percentage of the Films or Television Gross Profits before paid to TDS.


TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS has transferred all copywritten projects to a streaming format as of 2022. While TDS shall work in a collaboration agreement with other Streaming Studios and Companies starting in late 2022.


​TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION,  s​shall not tolerate any unscrupulous directors, producers, agents, actresses, actors, nor any crews on any TDS project under a formal  preliminary deal memo agreement, or any deal memo agreement that may cause delays in  productions, harassment etc to any cast or crew member under TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION employ. Such actions shall lead to an immediate termination  from said project.


TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION when seeking private or corporate investors for any feature film project owned by TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION shall be only with reputable private investors or corporate investors. For any other TDS Venture as well shall only be with reputable private or corporate investors. TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION Investors Package contains the business plan, budget proposed, incentives, risks and projections which are only sent to reputable and verified private investors and or corporate investors. All screenplays, budgets and any other documents are the property of TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION only and must be returned to said company if no agreements proceed for any private investors, state financed or corporate investors for any TDS project. 

*Motion picture investing may not be suitable for all Investors. This is not an offer to buy or sell securities or rights. Not FDIC insured, no bank guarantees, may loose money*


TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION Vendetta Vetta (c) is a fictional character created by TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION CORPORATION for the purpose of Entertainment Only. Any "Vendetta" is "Condoned" to any person. As this is a fictional  character Triumph Donnelly Studios LLC Vendetta Vette cast, crews, co-productions in association with, distributors, sponsors, studios and or any associated persons, companies etc cannot be held liable or accountable because of this fictional character for global audiences if after seeing this feature film "Vendetta"s of any form or content are "Condoned"  as this is for Entertainment only.


Any TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION property that is delivered to any talent, cast, crews, supporting and more as required under  a NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT (NDA) are to return any said property if no interest is shown by any party in said project. as in any scripts, treatments, budgets, story lines etc. If an y TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION project property is not returned as per said agreement and is used by any person or persons company and more  they will be held legally and criminally accountable as in criminal charges filed and legal damages imposed. Any screenplay not returned to TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION after TDS requests said return, make pre paid mailing shipping after any cast, crews etc has signed an NDA, the party shall be subject to a $10,000 fine and or criminal charges imposed on said party.


Any cast or crew members that signs a deal memo agreement with TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION  or any other contractual agreements after three business days for said agreements become totally binding and enforced for the period stated in said agreements. Under said contractual agreements, TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION  may contact any cast or crew members for the sole purposes of business communications for any project currently in pre or post productions. Cast members under SAG-AFTRA agreements said company shall follow SAG-AFTRA rules and guidelines that are current SAG-AFTRA members. If any cast or crew members does not respond or communicate back to said company after four attempted communications made by said company, the company under it's own discretion may suspend or terminate said contractual agreement as advised by TDS Legal.


TRIUMHPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION as the legal owner of any and all characters for any TDS project may at it's own discretion change character placements prior to any pre-productions of any TDS project  for the benefits of the project for either feature films or television projects. No cast or crew member can change the change of characters if there is no binding and current deal memo agreement between the cast or crews and TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION.  No cast or crew member can force TDS to uphold any prior character if the prior agreement is expired nor not valid. TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION as legally advised can pursue legal recourse upon any cast or crew member that tries to stop productions by any legal means, which TDS would legally counter said cast or crew member for legal recourse against any cast or crew  not  under a current non expired deal memo agreement.


TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION  shall not tolerate any form of sexual harassment towards any cast or crew members by any employee, cast or crew members of said company. Any vendors, partners and others that violates said terms shall be immediately terminated from said company. Any person caught harassing, sexual advances and more will be subjected to immediate termination with legal and criminal charges filed against said person or persons. Any victims of said abuse shall be protected by said company with legal and criminal enforcement enforced upon the person or persons causing said harassment and more. No employee of Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation while under contract from actresses, actors, crews, executives and more shall have any sexual relations while under contract with Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation on any property, film locations, hotels or any private residences  while under said employment via TDS. An immediate termination shall be imposed on any employee that violates said requirements of said company effective upon signing if said employment contractual agreements with Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation.


Any cast or crew member of TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION caught stalking any other cast member, crew member shall be immediately terminated from said company. Any vendor, partner or associates caught stalking any cast or crew member any contractual agreements will be immediately terminated.  TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION shall not tolerate any form of drug abuse on set, on the studios property, on location and or in any travel hotel rooms while under contract with said company shall be enforced. Any cast, crews or outside productions partners caught using drugs as well shall be immediately terminated.  Alcohol abuse while under any contractual agreements from any cast or crew members while in productions of any projects, shall be immediately terminated.


This website and any other TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION operated by said company is only intended for individuals over the age of 18 years of age any younger visitors is under the supervision of an adult over the age of 18.


Said company shall respect the visitors privacy, and contractual agreements with any cast, crews, vendors, partners etc are strictly confidential TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION.


Any and all contact on any website owned by TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION is strictly owned by said company. Any website is for entertainment purposes only from content, information, characters, titles, trailers, licensing, photos, images, and any copyrighted materials, trademarks etc owned by said company are the sole properties of said company globally.


You agree not to download, copy, transfer, alter, distribute, deliver, produce, present,transmit,or promote any cast, characters, concepts, via any said company websites without written authorization from TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION  as enforced both domestically and internationally. All website, merchandise, feature films, television projects and more and more as in any likeness any defamatory, obscene, pornographic, threatening content, which encourages conduct which is against the law, both domestically and internationally may constitute criminal actions which shall be reported to law enforcement both local and federal with tracking locations enforced.


Any intentional theft of any TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION as the companies copyrighted materials you agree not to use, produce, alter, transfer, deliver, promote, any character names, concepts, characters, titles, content, and more from any company owned projects. Legal and Criminal Enforcement shall be totally enforced from any theft of any copyrights materials owned by said company with Civil Damages and Criminal Charges filed on any person, persons, company an d more.



 a legal action upon any person, persons, companies and more if said company has had any of their materials stolen, altered, sold, presented, and or produced without written authorization from said company.


TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION  makes no warranties for any feature films, television productions, titles, characters, which said company can cancel at any time without notice as the owners of said materials.


TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION  you agree to indemnify said company any cast, crew members, associates, partners, totally harmless for any websites owned by said company. You hold harmless said company from any civil damages, liabilities, any party claims for legal and court fees arising from using any company websites, merchandise, music, video, cd, blu-ray, and internet videos.


TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION , operates all websites associated with said company internationally, which at it's own discretion change, alter, and makes no representations that any materials, information, to which is released on any company website for use under any international locations as doing business in any state, jurisdiction and or country use said TERMS AND CONDITIONS.


Any communications to TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION must be via email communications either by phone, fax, internet via [email protected]

or via PDF format only, are the only forms of communications accepted.


TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION  may at it's discretion suspend or terminate any contractual agreement with any cast or crew members without any notice because of a violation of their contractual agreements with said company. If any cast, crews, partners, associates etc cancels a deal memo agreement or any other form of a contractual agreement with said company, at said companies discretion may release the person or person without legal recourse or if said company under their discretion may impose legal recourse upon any person or person terminating an agreement while it is enforced and for it's period of enforcement. Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation for any Breach Of Contract by any cast, crew, agents, vendors, suppliers etc by any said person that has a signed agreement with Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation and cancels any agreements while enforced, TDS has the right and or option to bring legal action upon any said person, persons, company and more without advanced notice.


Any Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) produced by TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION upon any receiver of said argement shall be enforced for the duration of said agreement with any person, persons, company and more. Any violations of a current NDA by any person shall be subjected to Legal Damages Imposed upon said person or persons, companies and more. Any Non-Disclosure Agreement signed between any cast, crews, agents, etc are enforced for the enforced time period as stated in said NDA agreement even after any non-business has occurred by any cast, crews, agents etc. any violation of this enforced agreement by any cast, crews, agents which violates said agreement, Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation shall execute legal recourse against any cast, crews, agents for said violation.


Any screenplay, treatment etc owned by TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION is the sole property o said company. Any person, persons, companies etc that receives a property owned by said company does not keep any materials by any person, persons, companies etc if no interest is shown by said person, persons, companies and more which must be returned to said company within 5 Business Days back to said company. Any external submissions to said company must be associated with a release from the author, agents or other person submitting said external materials to said company. any Submissions by authors, agents etc for any screenplays, loglines, treatments etc must be registered by said author and or copyrighted by said author prior to any submission to Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation. Author or Agent must supply a Release Form signed by the Author or Agent to be attached to said materials prior to any submissions. Any and all submissions must be submitted by PDF format only, any other delivery of said submissions shall be rejected. Once received to Triumph Donnelly Studios corporation any and all submitted materials from Authors or their Agents will not be returned to saud Authors or their Agents.


TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION,  owns any and all logo designs for websites, merchandise, feature films, television shows, trailers, characters and more globally.


Any unauthorized use of any characters, titles, merchandise and more owned by TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS LLC any theft of said, information from websites, feature films, television shows is strictly prohibited both domestically and internationally which shall be enforced both by Civil and Criminal Enforcement Globally.


TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION , owns all rights to all merchandising from characters created by said company both domestically and internationally via said rights and trademarks, from any titles including, VENDETTA VETTE (c) ROCKHANDS ARNY (c), MAYDAY NEW YORK (c), CAPT STICH (C), ALBERT BOND (c), TUCSON VICE (c), SPACE 2013 (c) FALLON PI (c)and any other properties owned by said company for the purposes of merchandising. 


​TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION under United States Copyright Laws & Regulations owns all Intellectual Properties & Rights for all said projects owned by said Company. Via Domestic & International Laws. Any violations of said properties by any Domestic or International violations shall results in both or either Criminal Prosecution and or Civil Financial Damages under said Laws & Regulations Globally.


TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION via any contractual preliminary deal memo offers, contractual agreements to any actress, actor, director, producers ,crew,vendors etc, TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION shall not be held financially liable or accountable if finance for said preliminary deal memo agreements are not fully financed during the enforcement of said preliminary deal memo offers, or any contractual agreements with TRIUMPH DONNELLY STUDIOS CORPORATION. because of any delays by third party finance inducements for any TDS project. All preliminary deal memo offers and all contractual agreements clearly state and reference this clause.


(c) all rights reserved